5 Best Food Gifts for Your Cat

Treat your kitty to these fun “food” gifts

These gifts would even make Grumpy Cat smile

Cat Coffee Table

Want to dine and keep an eye on kitty at the same time? Invest in this coffee table-turned-cat-hammock for the ultimate kitty chic present.



These incredibly fun and adorable catnip gifts for your kitty are super easy to make. Just check out the directions here at SewliciousHomeDecor.com for some gift inspiration.

Cat DJ Scratching Deck

Want to give you cat some sick street cred? This gift is perfect (and hilarious) to help them sharpen their claws for perfect meal-pouncing.


Tricky Bowl

Your poor cat will be pawing at this tricky bowl for hours; much to their dismay and your enjoyment.


Treat Maze

With this toy, you’re giving your cat something fun to play with and a delicious reward. Slip their favorite treats in and watch them play as they try to figure out how to release the treat.