Christmas gift is bad


3 Things You Should Never Give as Christmas Gifts

Show people you love them this holiday season by getting them anything but these items
Christmas gift is bad


Want to have a happy holiday? Don't give these things as gifts.

Coming up with the perfect Christmas gift for everybody on your shopping list can be hard. Whether you need to buy something for a sister-in-law you don’t know that well, your father (who says he already has everything he needs), or your spouse that refuses to reveal what he or she really wants this year, racking your brain for creative, budget-friendly presents is a hassle year after year.

Not every gift can be a big crowd-pleaser like a big screen TV, new laptop, or best-selling toy. But some are even worse than the much-dreaded lotion gift set, new pair of socks, or peach-scented candle. Want to know the three things you should absolutely never give as a Christmas gift? Check below before you start your holiday shopping:

Anything Re-Gifted

Every year, it’s inevitable that you’ll get something that you don’t like, want, or need. But that does not mean that you should store away the unwanted present and unload it to somebody else next year. Obviously re-gifting something comes across as cheap and thoughtless. If you got something you don’t want or need and can’t return it, donate it instead to somebody who could use it. Or, if you truly believe someone you know will love the gift, just give it to them anyway, but not for any special occasion.

Cleaning Equipment or Supplies

Sure, a new vacuum is something that can be nice to have, but that doesn’t mean that it makes for a good Christmas present. There’s nothing exciting about opening up mops, buckets, sponges, scrub brushes, or big bottles of Lysol. And, these gifts can easily be interpreted as a passive-aggressive comment about not tidying up enough. Keeping a clean home is important, but nobody wants to think about chores during a holiday celebration.

Diet Cookbooks, Gym Memberships, Scales, Etc.


Unless someone on your shopping list specifically asked for a paleo cookbook or fancy new smart scale, avoid any gift that implies the recipient needs to start watching what they eat. Weight loss and dieting can be an incredibly touchy subject so keep the holiday happy by not bringing it up. Especially around the holidays, people want to relax and enjoy the bounty of food and company of their loved ones without keeping a close calorie count.