3 Adorable, Edible Thanksgiving Party Favors

Break out the glue guns and your favorite candies to impress your guests with these little tokens
DIY Thanksgiving Favors


Impress your Thanksgiving guests with these adorable, edible favors!

Thanksgiving is the celebration known for its food. From turkey to stuffing to cranberry sauce, it’s a full-out indulgence fest. Despite the abundance of food at every Thanksgiving celebration, there is one thing that Thanksgiving is not known for: the party favor. Usually plastic containers filled with leftovers are what pass for favors on Thanksgiving, not personalized treat bags.

However, if you want to change that this holiday and help to set your celebration apart, we’ve pulled together three too-cute edible Thanksgiving-themed party favors from Pinterest. So break out the glue guns and your favorite candies to really impress your guests with these three tokens:

Indian Corn Treat Bags

This beautifully autumnal vegetable may not have many culinary uses, but it makes for beautiful décor inspiration. Take a transparent piping bag or pretzel bag and fill it with red, brown, and yellow candies (M&Ms, Reese’s Pieces, Fall Sixlets). Once your corn takes shape, tie it together with small strips of burlap or brown ribbon to imitate a husk. Bonus: if you attach piece of brown construction paper to this favor, it can double as a place card!

Rice Krispie Pumpkins

To turn your average Rice Krispie treat into a festive pumpkin, add in some red and yellow food coloring as you mix together your melted butter and marshmallow before tossing it with the crisp rice. Roll the orange treats into balls instead of pressing them into a pan to get that pumpkin shape. Finally, before the pumpkins fully cool, press a Rolo candy into the top to act as a stem and use a green M&M to make a leaf. These kid-friendly favors are as cute as they are classically delicious!

Turkey Treat Bags

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Your guests won’t be able to wait to gobble these up. To make these incredibly easy treat bags, take a red, orange, or yellow napkin and lay it out color-side down. Put a few of your favorite candies (ideally fall-themed) in the center of the napkin and then gather the corners together to create a ball. Tie the corners together with some ribbon to make your turkey’s head. Then, give the little bird a face by gluing on some googly eyes and an orange construction paper triangle for a nose. This guy will be so cute, it’ll be a hard decision to go after the treats inside!