10 Vintage Thanksgiving Cards (Slideshow)


Pretty Turkey

We aren’t exactly sure what this little girl is up to. Is she trying to compliment the turkey on being such a well-dressed bird? Is she giving him a last look at his life? Either way, we do think that that is one fabulous hat!

Scary Turkey

That poor little pilgrim is getting the pants scared off  him by that mean old turkey! But can you really blame the bird? He is going to be dinner after all. 

Rhyming Turkey

We love this adorable rhyme that sums up Thanksgiving in a striking way!

Goblin Thanksgiving

Our best guess is that this little goblin is bummed he can’t be around for Thanksgiving. But we do love the nod to stating that even though Halloween has passed, pumpkin still has a place on our tables!

Wishbone Girl

We love the sweet little "wish" that this card sends for a happy Thanksgiving and a lucky year. 

Dead Turkey

Thanksgiving takes a turn for the dark side with this slightly morbid Thanksgiving card. We say that, but we can’t deny we are going to enjoy our own version of that dead turkey at our own tables!

Puppy Turkey

Definitely one of the cuter cards from the past, we can’t imagine how much trouble that adorable puppy is in once he gets caught!

Killer Turkey

We just... the thing is... oh heck. We just don’t know how this is supposed to give anyone the warm holiday fuzzies! This card almost makes us feel bad about our dinner... almost. 

Fattening Up

Kids and animals are always a hit when upping the cute factor on any holiday card. While we definitely think this little girl is sweet, we wonder if her dark intention is to fatten up that poor bird for dinner... 

Turkey Carriage

There are holiday cards and then there is this. We don’t know where that boy is taking that corn or why he is forcing that poor turkey to carry it all, but we definitely think this has to be the most interesting holiday card we have ever seen!