Holiday Treats at Whole Foods

Chocolates and other goodies less than $10 that make for solid stocking stuffers

Whole Foods' Holiday Chocolate Covered Marshmallows

As the Holidays draw near, national supermarkets know that it’s not always easy to find the right item to bring along to a party or pitch into that Secret Santa office pool. That’s why Whole Foods has rolled out a line of treats that fit the bill, all for less $10.

First there’s the Panettone, weighing in at 2 pounds and selling for $9.99. The sweet, round loaf studded with dried fruit is popular in Italy, and makes for a good dessert (especially bread pudding) or French toast the next day.

Their Caramels Fleur de Sel (5.3 ounces, $3.99) are blended with a sprinkle of hand-harvested sea salt to add some mellow saltiness to the dense sweetness of the caramel. Pairs well with after-dinner coffee.

Organic Truffles (8.8 ounces, $5.99) are available in chocolate, caramel, cappuccino, and cookie crumble varieties, and could make for a serious chocolate platter.

Truffled Roasted Walnuts ($7.99) are made in France, and are crunchy, roasty, nutty, and covered in chocolate. ‘Nuff said.

Assorted Belgium Chocolates (4-piece $2.99; 14-piece $9.99) come already packed up in a gift box, and make for a quick and easy gift.

Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake Sandwich Crèmes & Chocolate Candy Cane Sandwich Crèmes ($3.99): Picture Oreos, but in peppermint and pumpkin flavors. You might just have to keep these all to yourself.


Milk & Dark Chocolate Marshmallows ($4.99) are light, squishy marshmallows covered in chocolate. Eat as-is or melt between graham crackers for some impromptu holiday s’mores.