This Holiday Season, Everyone Will Be Eating Gingerbread Men

Staff Writer
Our readers voted on their favorite holiday sweet

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Fruitcake may have gotten a lot of flack over the years, but it seems like candy canes are our readers' least favorite holiday sweet.

A recent poll showed that readers prefer to eat gingerbread cookies over the holidays, with 38 percent of the vote, instead of candy canes (8 percent). Pumpkin pie came in second, with 24 percent of the vote; chocolate Santas had 21 percent. Fruitcake received 9 percent.

Gingerbread's popularity is a no-brainer; gingerbread cookies are adorable, and their spiciness is welcomed on particularly cold days. And while gingerbread houses can be creative and elaborate (like this Ewok-themed one), the spicy flavor can lend itself to waffles, cupcakes, and blondies.

Pumpkin pie and chocolate are classic desserts that will never get old, but fruitcake's win over candy canes was surprising given fruitcake's somewhat stale reputation. But it seems like the fruit- and nut-filled cake is getting a sexy makeover.

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