Holiday Chocolate Gift Guide

We found the best of the New York Chocolate Show
Chocolate Gifts for Christmas

We talk to chocolatiers about why their chocolates make the best Christmas gifts

Ali Rosen


Giving chocolate as a gift is a Christmas staple — it's a safe choice for everyone from your boss to your boyfriend. But to stop it from veering into the boring category, you often need to get away from the typical boxes of Godiva or Lindt.

So to give you the best advice, we sampled dozens of chocolates at the pinnacle of chocolate tasting — the New York Chocolate Show — to bring you the very best items for Christmas gifts.

In the video above we let some of our favorites make the case for why they should be at the top of your Christmas list. They include the Master Chocolatier Christopher Curtin's delights from Eclat, the melting smooth French truffles from No Chewing Allowed, the Ecuadorian standouts Pacari, the healthy alternative from Gnosis Chocolate and an out-of-the-box gift idea in Chocolate Shop's chocolate wine.

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