History of 26 Alcoholic Drinks: Juleps, Fuzzy Navels, and More

Staff Writer
John Green goes through the origins of 26 different alcoholic drinks, all while doing a terrible job pouring some drinks
History of 26 Cocktails | Video

Ever want to know how exaclty a Sidecar got its name? Well, here's a video explaining the origins of 26 (!) cocktails, from the Fuzzy Navel to the Alabama Slammer.

Mental Floss host John Green goes through a list of 26 cocktails to give you all the trivia you need to know next time you want to show off at a cocktail lounge. Granted, some of them are fairly easy to remember (Fuzzy Navel: named after fuzzy peaches and navel oranges) and other histories are well known in cocktail lore. For example, Jerry Tomas gets credit for both the martini and the Tom Collins (although some say martinis were invented by a bartender in Martinez, Calif.).

Watch below as Green goes through all 26 histories, in a span of some eight minutes. It's worth it, especially to find out that screwdrivers were literally named after screwdrivers, since it was invented by engineers who used the tool to mix their drinks (Editor's note: gross).


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