High-Tech Restaurants

This collection of restaurants features the most cutting-edge technology ever developed

Hajime Robot Restaurant uses cutting-edge technology.

Cutting-edge technological advances help most industries grow and develop, whether by improving how car manufacturers design their engines or by creating new bank services to make account management easier for customers. So it’s no surprise that some restaurants are employing innovative technology to enhance the dining experience.

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In Jinan, China, and Bangkok, Thailand, two restaurants are using robots to wait on tables and greet diners. In New York City customers can dine on locally sourced fruits and vegetables grown and harvested in the rooftop garden above the restaurant, and then transported down the building's stories using a vertical planting system and a pulley. And in San Francisco, diners can order their grilled cheese sandwiches on their phone and swipe their order in when they pick up their meal thanks to a customized QR code.

Many restaurants these days are using tablets to streamline the ordering process — either by having their waitstaff send orders directly to the kitchen or by having diners order for themselves, but the restaurants on this list are taking things a few steps further. At Inamo restaurant in London, customers are in control of their entire dining experience — an interactive touch-screen table allows them to do everything from choosing their meals to ordering a cab to drive them home afterward.

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