High-End Burgers with Casual Flare


What makes Edzo’s stand out among a crowd of high-end fast food burger shops is the fact that owner Ed Lakin insists that the meat be ground fresh every morning. The difference that freshly ground meat makes is an enormous one.

At Edzo’s there are two options when it comes to choosing a burger. The first option is the 4 oz. griddled burger, which comes as either a single, double, or triple patty. This burger is flat, skinny, and griddled to perfection on a flat top. The second option is the 8 oz. char burger, which you can have cooked to your liking of doneness.

A burger with everything includes ketchup, mustard, pickles and onion. There are also a variety of cheeses to choose from, including Merkt’s cheese spread and blue cheese. In terms of toppings, some of the most intriguing offerings include garlic butter, fried eggs, and hot giardiniera.

The fries at Edzo’s are one of the most special things about it. On their own, the fries are both crispy and greasy — a truly delicious combination. However, Lakin’s combinations are surely the way to go. There are gourmet options, like garlic and truffle fries and down-home varieties, like crazy (chili, cheese, chopped onion) and Taylor Street (italian beef gravy, sweet peppers, giardiniera) fries. All of them are delectable.