700 Pounds of Heroin Found in Pickles

Police uncovered a huge shipment of heroin hidden in pickles

Police uncovered more than 700 pounds of heroin hidden in a shipment of pickles.

If you want to smuggle something, surrounding it in something pungent is a good way to cover the smell, so some heroin smugglers in Germany had a pretty good plan when they surrounded their wares in 25 tons of pickled garlic and cucumbers.

According to The Local, police in Essen uncovered 725 pounds of heroin in a truck carrying 25 tons of pickled garlic and cucumbers. That much heroin is about 1.3 million individual doses, and the haul is estimated to be worth 50 million euros, or about $64 million. There’s no word on what the 25 tons of pickled garlic is worth.

The truck reportedly began its route in Iran before reaching Germany, where police say they suspect a drug ring has been smuggling heroin in vegetable shipments for some time.

The bust is especially significant, given that police in Germany seized 595 pounds of heroin in all of 2013.

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