Here Is a 'Simpsons'-Themed Gingerbread House

To start off the holiday cookie season, here's the first of many outrageous gingerbread houses to come

It's after Thanksgiving, which means all the ridiculous, over-the-top gingerbread houses are coming out of the woodwork. And while most of us won't dare to eat these creations after a day or two (OK, one of our staff will), we're still huge fans of gingerbread panoramics, especially when they're pop culture-related.

So naturally, this Simpsons gingerbread house is right up our alley. From the creator of the Angry Birds gingerbread house, this holiday creation showcases Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie, all sitting on their couch in their suburban gingerbread house. According to the creator, the characters are all edible (although probably all sugar), and while it looks a bit clay-like, the detail is still fairly impressive. Case in point: Marge's hair.

Watch the full time-lapse of the Simpsons gingerbread house below, and stay tuned for even more outrageous creations. We're looking forward to a Breaking Bad-themed set next. Please? Anyone?