Here Is a Ramen Burger for Your Carb Fest

A restaurant is launching a burger with a ramen filling, not to be confused with ramen-bun burgers

Japanese burger chain Lotteria launches a ramen burger.

OK, so we thought a deep-fried gravy burger was crazy, but for truly carb-loving burger eaters, there's a ramen burger for you.

According to Eataku (hat tip to Grub Street), Japanese burger joint Lotteria is launching a ramen burger in conjunction with the ramen shop Musashi Shinjuku. The Musashi burger is reportedly a burger with a ramen patty topped with char siu pork and, Eataku says, mayonnaise. We're not sure how we feel about this.

On the bright side, you can order the burger with soup,or just order the ramen patty with soup, a translated press release tells us. A burger with soup is some 634 yen ($6.23), and will be available starting May 20 at all Lotteria stores in Japan.


Eataku notes that ramen burgers have existed in the past, but it usually involves ramen noodles fried into the shape of a bun, served with pork and sauces. But this version of carb overload is almost as good as putting tater tots on burgers.