Here Is Paula Deen's Blooper Video

There's plenty of cursing and sexy time talk

OK, so this isn't really a full gag reel à la Sandra Lee and real movies, but the New York Post got their hands on a somewhat naughty (mildly NSFW) blooper reel of Paula Deen getting super comfy with a chocolate eclair and saying all sorts of bad words.

Apparently, the outtakes were given to the promoters of Celebrity Chefs Tour, an event that Deen was supposed to make an appearance at. The outtakes were meant to introduce her to the crowd, but the clip was pulled because it was deemed too raunchy.

Then there's a whole bunch of talk about Deen pulling out of the event and suing the company, saying they gave her a bounced check; the tour then counter-sued Deen for breach of contract, and now this video is leaked, except plenty of words are bleeped out and few are left in. There are scenes where Deen says, "My a** ain't pretty no more," makes reference to food smelling like a "stinky coochie," and pulls what looks like some Magic Mike floor-humping moves (in, like, a one-second shot). Watch below.