4 Ways to a Great-Smelling Wedding

The Green Bride Guide offers tips on incorporating the sense of smell into your wedding

Smell is a potent sense, especially when it comes to memory. Memories can be tied to a particular smell, whether it’s pecan pie and Thanksgiving dinner at your grandmother’s or the smell of your father’s favorite cologne. Whatever the smell and memory, these two together can elicit some of your fondest times year after year.

Incorporating particular smells into your wedding celebration can form brand-new scent associations for your friends and family. Just think about it. Whenever you smell thyme or lavender, you can remember sitting at the head table next to your new life partner or dancing with your father.

If you have a favorite herb, like mint or basil, you can make that the focus of your wedding. Otherwise, you can create an herb smorgasbord and relish the rich, fresh scent of the garden as you and your guests celebrate and remember the happiest day of your life. 

The Green Bride Guide, the nation’s number one green wedding resource, offers these four tips for making your wedding smell absolutely delicious:

In the Bouquet
Herbs are beautiful living plants and they work well in a bouquet, as an accent to the flowers, or as the main event. Consider incorporating a few tall lavender sprigs or some baby’s breath to add some color to the ensemble. The best part? After the wedding, your bouquet will bring its delicious fragrance to your home for weeks. You can even save the dried herbs to use in your favorite recipes.

As Favors
Give your guests potted herbs as favors that they can take home and plant, or use right away, straight from the pot. Include an instruction card if the herbs you choose are choosy (i.e. they need a specific amount of light, extra water, etc.). Many farms will sell sprouted herbs in bulk so you don’t have to start your seeds from scratch.

In the Cocktails
Unify your theme by using the same herbs in your cocktails that you give as favors. Mint is particularly delicious in alcoholic beverages. Mojitos are refreshing, rum-based drinks with sugar, lime, and fresh muddled mint. These are perfect for a hot summer wedding!


In the Food
Incorporating your favorite herbs into your cuisine is easy — think rosemary chicken or pesto pasta. Ask your caterer about getting herbs from a local garden and make sure they’re organic.