Hear Craft & Commerce's Dramatic Readings of Yelp Reviews

They asked staff members and others to read reviews out loud, so they could play them over bathroom speakers

As Eater reported yesterday, San Diego, Calif., restaurant Craft & Commerce has decided to get revenge on angry Yelpers by taking their outraged reviews, recording them, and playing them over the bathroom speakers.

Now, for your listening pleasure, here are two samples of their recorded reviews, including one of the restaurant's favorite dramatic reviews from Yelp user Amy M (second track is the best ever). Co-owner Arsalun Tafazoli told Eater that they were fascinated by the "Shakespearean quality" of some of the reviews, especially those with a "level of melodrama."

According to a representative, guests have found the recordings pretty hilarious, if not clever. Listen to two samples below, with the second one featuring Amy M's review. "Like it? Hell yeah. Love it? Hell no. Well, why the hell don't I love it? Isn't that why you're reading?" a breathy narrator purrs. This makes us want to have Pete Wells do a live reading of his Guy Fieri review.

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