Goody Good Stuff: Healthy Vegan Gummy Candies

Goody Good Stuff makes candies that don't just taste better, they're better for you
Goody Good Stuff

Goody Good Stuff uses a plant derived bio-gum eliminating the need for animal-based gelatin.

For those celebrating All Hallows Eve, the time is almost upon us to figure out our costumes, don our masks, and if we’re kids, head out with our bags wide open for what we hope will be treats instead of tricks. Adults need to plan the party and buy some candy unless a dentist is hosting and only apple bobbing and celery sticks are allowed.

One thing’s for certain, at least some of the children you invite will be allergic to some unavoidable ingredient and feel left out. Many chocolate based sweet treats have nut or gluten warning labels even if these ingredients aren't on the label. Then you have non-chocolate hard or soft candies with their own attendant issues. What about gummy candies…most kids like those, right? Well, if you know what’s in them (gelatin from animal hooves) you may think twice.

Goody Good Stuff, an all natural gummy candy, has come to the rescue made with a plant derived bio-gum eliminating the need for animal-based gelatin. It took Goody Good Stuff 15 years to develop this tasty alternative completely free of animal by-products, artificial colors and flavors while still retaining a chewy consistency with kid-approved flavors.

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This kid at heart gave them a taste and they’re definitely infused with long lasting flavors. The intensity of my favorites, their Cola Breeze and Cheery Cherry didn’t evaporate after a fact the flavors intensify as you chew. Perhaps this is because they use only natural fruit and vegetable extracts. Browse the possibilities.