Healthy Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

Leave more calories for cocktails with these 8 recipes

Mexiquinoa Salad

Cinco de Mayo may not be the real Mexican Independence Day, but people sure do celebrate like it is. And whenever there's a holiday involving lots of booze, there's also bound to be lots of food to soak it up afterward.

It's unlikely that anyone who's had a good time will really care how many calories or grams of fat are in that mountain-high pile of nachos, chilaquiles, or taquitos, but before all the revelry starts, it can pay to do a little planning. Why? Because alcohol contains more calories by weight than carbs or protein do (seven calories versus four per gram, to be exact).

So, cutting back a bit on the greasy party food is almost a must if you're planning on keeping the pounds off. Luckily, you won't find any greasy party food here. We've rounded up some great recipes from cookbook authors, chefs, and bloggers to lighten the calorie-bomb that is Cinco de Mayo and keep you soaring. How does that saying go? "Arriba! Siempre arriba!" Oh wait, that's from Peru.

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