Our Favorite Healthy Grilling Recipes

Cook up one of these healthy dishes during your 4th of July weekend celebration

Grilled Portobello Mushroom Burger

Summer is the time to revel in the good weather with friends, family, and a lot of great food. To help you enjoy the fourth of July weekend the best way that you can, we rounded up some of our favorite grill recipes that stay on the healthy side so that you can feel good too. Have a great holiday weekend!

Grilling is an easy way to put together a meal, especially one like this. Ground chicken can be substituted for turkey or beef and feel free to use a variety of vegetables when grilling. 
Naturally bitter, radicchio becomes tender, smoky, and slightly sweet when grilled. 
Meaty and full of flavor, portobello mushrooms are often the vegetarian go-tos for between the bun action. 
This uniquely wrapped fish gets a sweet flavor from the basil and a topping of freshly made basil pesto. 
Fiddleheads are usually available only in the spring, so try substituting asparagus, green beans, or even corn for it in this recipe. 
Either eaten alongside grilled meats or simply drizzled with honey (and maybe a little ricotta) for dessert, figs definitely benefit from a short stint on the grill. 
Who would have thought you could grill these delicious tubes? Charring them adds a flavor and consistency that pairs well with fresh ricotta or shaved Parmesan. 
A fantastic vegetarian option, this recipe is filled with protein-packed chickpeas and nutritious vegetables. 
A creative way to serve salmon for guests. 
This recipe relies on the basics — salt, lemon, olive oil, and pepper — plus the quality of the fish to make a delicious dish. Try  topping it with some fresh herbs for an extra touch of summer.
Gorgeous, easy, and well-spiced, this dish will be a hit.