Healthy Foods to Add to Your Diet in 2013

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Easy ways to rev up your new year, new you diet
Healthy Eating

So often we talk about removing "bad" foods from our diets and restricting what we eat. Well, instead of forcing yourself into a state of deprivation, try a different approach for 2013.

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Instead of thinking of what not to eat, start adding foods to your bucket list. What should you eat that's both delicious and diet-friendly? 

Try adding in a handful of healthy foods that are nutrient-dense, focusing on foods that feed your body what it craves: vitamins, enzymes, fiber, minerals — and flavor. You just may find that when you feed your body what it truly craves, all that excess junk food simply won’t look or taste so appealing anymore. Here are my Top Healthy Foods to Add to Your Diet in 2013 — with vegan recipes to help get you started. Start the year off right with some green smoothies, chard, and other delicious ingredients.

— Kathy Patalsky, Babble

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