unhealthy applebee's

The Unhealthiest Menu Items at Applebee’s

The calorie counts on these orders are unreal
unhealthy applebee's

Applebee's isn't exactly known for their healthy options. 

Applebee’s is a go-to destination for family dinners, celebrations, and nights out with friends. The chain is nationwide and gigantic — no matter where you go in the country, there’s probably a nearby Applebee’s. But you can also count on Applebee’s to load up your portion size and pile more red meat and cheese on your plate than most diets are prepared to handle.

The Unhealthiest Menu Items at Applebee’s Gallery

Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with treating yourself to an indulgent menu order when you’re going out to a restaurant. Additionally, no Applebee’s employee is going to stand by your table and force-feed you until you’ve devoured the entire portion they served.

To people with an eye for a bargain, large portion sizes are actually a perk of chain restaurants like Applebee’s — not something to be feared. Dinner for two nights, for the price of one!

Regardless, it does pay to be aware of the nutritional value of your order, especially if you have health problems. The sodium, saturated fat, and other excesses in these menu items could be costly. For the most extreme of everything on their menu, read on for the 15 unhealthiest menu items at Applebee’s.


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