The Secret to Weight Loss Isn’t Much of a Secret


The Secret to Weight Loss Isn’t Much of a Secret

It looks like a simple daily beverage can cut your risk of obesity

We are all looking for a simple weight-loss solution — one that doesn’t require a change in diet or exercise habits. Well, a study presented at the European Congress on Obesity in Portugal might have the answer — and it’s shockingly obvious.

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The findings of a four-year, 16,000-participant study out of the University of Navarra in Spain showed that replacing one 330-milliliter (11-ounce) beer or one 200-milliliter soda (around seven ounces) with water every day can reduce your risk of obesity by between 15 and 20 percent. This statistic was consistent regardless of a participant’s exercise level, family history of obesity, or amount of between-meal snacking. However, the research pointed out that swapping in 15 other beverages — which included fruit juice, coffee, or milk — didn’t have the same effect on weight loss as a glass of water.

Alcohol and soda contribute only empty calories to a diet, meaning they provide nothing in the way of nutritional benefits. Alcohol consumption is also a catalyst to unchecked eating. (Late night pizza after the bar is all the evidence you need to understand this concept.) An extra pint of beer or glass of soda easily adds an extra 100 calories to your daily intake. That means over 2,800 extra calories a month, which is equal to around twelve pounds a year.

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But the benefits of drinking water goes beyond weight loss; water provides the body with a slew of benefits which include maintaining the balance of body fluids, controlling calories, helping to energize muscles, and helping the kidneys eliminate excess toxins. Debate still exists over the recommended daily intake of water, but the United States Department of Agriculture suggest that adult women and men need between eight and 10 cups of water each day.