Plant-Based Hot Dog Recipes in Honor of National Hot Dog Month

Follow a plant-based diet but looking for ways to join in on the National Hot Dog Month fun?

Try these plant-based hot dog recipes

Follow a plant-based diet but looking for ways to join in on the National Hot Dog Month fun? While traditional hot dogs are a classic American food enjoyed at summer BBQ’s and at tailgates across the country, not all dogs are created equal! Plant-based dogs are just as delicious, packed with protein, and are good for both you and the planet. National Hot Dog Month isn’t just for meat-eaters, it’s for vegans and vegetarians too!

Whether you like your hot dogs grilled, smoked, topped with condiments or cheese, here are a few plant-based recipes that will make you want to celebrate hot dogs all month long:

Smart Dogs in a Blanket

Pigs in a Blanket is a finger food and party staple enjoyed by many. Switch things up by swapping out traditional hot dogs with Lightlife’s Smart Dogs – a healthy, plant-based option packed with 7g of protein. Don’t forget to serve alongside your favorite condiments! 

Grilled Hotdog Skewers with Tater Tots

Looking to ditch the bun? Break out the skewers and use them as your vessel for flipping hot dogs on the grill! These are the perfect party appetizer and make for a great addition to any grilling spread. Layer in some tater tots for some added flavor and crunch. 

Grilled Franks with Sesame Apple Slaw

These juicy franks topped with sesame apple slaw are bursting with so much flavor you won’t even miss the meat. Hungrier than usual? Make this recipe into a foot-long frank by using Lightlife’s Jumbo Smart Dogs.   

Vegan Totcho Dog

Place a plant-based hot dog in a whole wheat bun for an extra healthy and delicious meal. Top the dogs with some plant-based cheese, chopped green onions, cooked mini tater tots and you’ve got a tasty feast everyone in the family will love. 


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