reusable grocery bags

15 Things You Wouldn’t Think to Clean — but Should

These are the unexpected places where germs are hiding
reusable grocery bags

Reusable grocery bags carry more bacteria than you think.

Sure, you remember to wipe down your counters and mop your floors. But when it comes to germs, there are much dirtier places where they could be hiding. Did you know some areas of your home have more germs than a public toilet seat? And most of them are in your kitchen. Yeah, it’s pretty gross.

15 Things You Wouldn’t Think to Clean — but Should Gallery

After the nastiest flu season we’ve seen in a while and some food poisoning scares we wish we could forget, cleaning and sanitizing your home is more important than ever. Your typical cleaning rotation is a great place to start — but it likely has some blind spots.

Besides knowing how often you need to clean the different areas of your home, it’s also critical to know where you need to clean. It goes beyond just your kitchen and door handles. Some of these items are in your car. Some, you carry with you constantly. And others are just sitting around your home, festering and growing more contaminated from your neglect.


It’s time to do spring cleaning the right way. Here are 15 items in your home that you never thought to clean, but really should.