This Entire Pizza is Made of Cheese

And, yes, we're talking about the crust too

A Whole Pizza Made of Cheese?

Maybe you order extra cheese on your cheese pizza. Or maybe you prefer your cheese-stuffed-crust pizza with three cheeses and a side of cheese sauce for dipping. However severe your love affair with cheese, chances are you haven’t prepared yourself for a pizza made entirely of mozzarella.

Chef Vito Iacopelli is making something he calls the Mo Pizza, at Prova, the pizzeria he opened in West Hollywood in 2015. It’s an around 10-inch pie made of cheese. Yes, the entire thing, including the crust, is all cheese. Iacopelli, who made a name for himself with the pizzas at Michael’s in Long Beach, says he wanted to make something special and different for people watching their carbohydrates, and those observing a gluten-free diet.

“I came up with this idea because on my YouTube channel, every week I create a special pizza that doesn’t exist in the world,” said Iacopelli. “I was making fresh mozzarella for my pizza and decided: Why not try to make a whole pizza with mozarella? And actually it came out fantastic.”


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