Eat Your Greens: 4 Recipes to Celebrate Earth Day

Your taste buds (and Mother Nature) will thank you

Try marinating organic tempeh in sweet pumpkin and balsamic vinegar for a recipe packed with plant-protein and delicious flavor.

Looking to make the world a little greener this Earth Day? A great place to start is with your food-print. Adding more plant-based foods to your diet is not only good for you, it’s good for the planet. To help, Lightlife has rounded up delicious plant-based recipes featuring the best ingredients our planet has to offer.  

Foodness Gracious

Craving a burger but also want something a little better for you? Simply fire up the grill and swap your everyday burger for protein packed Black Bean Smart Patties. Once cooked to delicious perfection, lay on a warm pita, garnish with tomato, red onion and feta cheese for a burger your taste buds and Mother Nature will thank you for.  You can view the recipe here.


It doesn’t get much greener than a leafy green salad loaded with veggies. However, if you really want to take your plant-based goals to the next level, try adding savory Smart Tenders to pack a delicious punch of sautéed flavor – vegetarian versatility at its finest. Here’s the recipe for the Grilled Sesame Chick’n Salad.

Eating Bird Food

A common misconception when it comes to plant-based foods is they lack the flavor of animal protein recipes – this is simply untrue. Try marinating organic tempeh in sweet pumpkin and maple balsamic flavors and you’ll have a recipe packed with plant-protein and delicious flavor.


Celebrate some of nature’s most unique plant-proteins with a delicious asparagus salad. Simply roast delicious tempeh in soy sauce and garlic and top with edamame, tomatoes and onion for the perfect balance of taste and nutrition.


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