Diet Advice You Need to Forget When You Turn 50

Diet Advice You Need to Forget When You Turn 50

These tips are really outdated

You might not feel like you’ve hit the half-century mark, but you’ve undoubtedly noticed your body changed once you turned 50. You might feel like you can’t bounce back as quickly as you did in your 40s and your lifestyle might change because of it. Plus, you could have developed bad habits in the decades before that are just now showing.

Diet Advice You Need to Forget When You Turn 50

Since you can’t turn the clock back, what can you do? Well, following the diet advice you heard in your 20s, 30s, and even 40s isn’t going to work now that you’re in your 50s. Your body functions differently now meaning losing weight won’t work with those dated tips.

Your metabolism has changed, and you might have slowed down a bit. So, doing things that might have worked years ago could actually cause you to gain weight. Or, since strenuous activity can lead to injury more quickly now, an intense workout could leave you in pain and inactive for days or weeks only adding to the weight gain.

But it’s not all gloom and doom. There are plenty of ways to stay healthy and keep your waistline in check as you age. You just need to know what is best for your 50-year-old body, so you don’t get frustrated wondering why what you did in the past doesn’t work anymore.

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That’s why we tapped some nutrition experts and used my knowledge as a certified holistic health coach to reveal the diet advice you should forget as you turn the big 5-0 to ensure you’re reaching your health goals.