breakfast mistakes

Breakfast Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

Don’t mess up your first meal of the day
breakfast mistakes

Is your 'healthy' breakfast really the best choice? 

Some say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And, while the research goes back and forth on whether it’s really the most important, one thing is for sure: Breakfast matters. It provides your body with the nutrition and the fuel it needs to function in the morning.

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But it’s also important to do breakfast right. A bad breakfast decision can throw off your energy levels and eating habits for the rest of the day. But what makes a decision at breakfast bad?

You might think you already know the answer. Eat the egg whites, not the doughnut, right? But are those egg whites really your smartest choice?

And if you’re choosing foods with only weight management in mind, you might only think about factors like calories and fat. But there’s much more to your health than just avoiding weight gain. Breakfast is important for reasons that have to do with how you feel, too.

You don’t want to end up eating something that leaves you feeling sluggish and sleepy. You also don’t want to be hungry again 20 minutes after you’ve eaten. You want to feel alert before lunchtime, not hungry and irritable. (Speaking of lunchtime, are you making big mistakes with your lunch, too?)


Don’t fall into bad habits when it comes to eating breakfast. Many people who think they are making a healthy choice are actually making one of these critical mistakes.