9 Foods and Drinks Menopausal Women Should Avoid

Symptoms of menopause can be exacerbated by the foods you choose to eat
old woman on beach


9 Foods and Drinks Menopausal Women Should Avoid

old woman on beach


Whether it be fatigue, weight gain, moodiness, or hot flashes, certain symptoms can make you reach for something sweet, fried, or even alcoholic in attempt to make yourself feel better. Whatever instant relief those things might provide will not last for long, and, unfortunately, could make symptoms worse. Choosing healthy foods that help with your menstrual cycle symptoms could boost your mood and change the way you feel.  


Health problems start to increase when women reach the age of menopause, so it is best to keep the alcohol limited to one drink a day. According to the North American Menopause Society, women who have between two to five drinks a day increase their risk of breast cancer by 1.5 times. 




Even if your morning coffee is what gets your through your day, it could be intensifying your menopause symptoms. A study in the journal Menopause found that women who drank caffeinated coffee were more likely to experience hot flashes than those who did not. If you are craving something warm to start your day, try herbal or green tea

Fast Food

Even if you are in a rush, fast food is never the healthiest option. Fast food usually means foods high in fat, which can increase your risk of heart disease. According to the American Heart Association, menopausal women should avoid excess fat because they are already at a greater risk of developing heart disease. Save yourself a trip to McDonald’s by making healthy meals ahead of time so you are ready for the week. 

Fatty Meats

Anything from bacon to hamburgers can actually lower the levels of serotonin, a mood-boosting hormone, in the body. After you consume a food high in saturated fat, it is possible that your mood can change to feeling angry or irritable. Stick with lean meats such as chicken and turkey.

Hot Foods

Hot soup


Hot foods, such as soups, may seem comforting and filling for lunch or dinner, but if you are having really bad experiences from hot flashes, avoid hot foods. Keep your hot flashes tame by sipping on iced tea or water with lemon.

Refined Carbohydrates

Give your white bread and pasta a kick to the curb and instead reach for the whole grains. Refined carbohydrates can cause spikes in your mood and spikes in blood sugar, which doesn’t help with your menopause symptoms.

Salty Foods

It’s easy to add unnecessary salt to our foods but this can contribute to bloating. Instead of using salt to flavor your foods, try fresh spices and avoid the processed foods that contain added salt and sugar.

Spicy Foods

Even though spicy foods are linked to longer life span, they may not be the best for menopausal women. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, foods that are hot and spicy can actually trigger hot flashes. Instead of using hot peppers, opt for spices and herbs such as cumin, turmeric, basil, and cilantro.


Let’s face it, you can enjoy a chocolate donut every once in a while, but consuming excess sugar several times a week will increase fatigue and could contribute to weight gain. Choosing better options such as fresh berries or bananas is better than eating candy or processed treats