7 Paleo Breakfast Recipes

Paleo breakfast recipes may be better than what you’re used to
Paleo pancakes

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Paleo pancakes? Please and thank you.

Changing your diet usually means you have to give up some of your favorite things. Now that there are alternatives for just about every ingredient on the planet, creating paleo breakfast recipes has never been more rewarding and delicious.

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Starting with one of the classic paleo breakfast recipes, these Fluffy Coconut Flour Pancakes substitute regular flour with coconut flour, which also makes them gluten-free. This recipe uses honey or coconut nectar instead of maple syrup, giving you a new, sweet taste. Not a pancake fan, but still in the mood for something sweet? The Baked Banana Chip Encrusted French Toast is so dense and moist that you won’t even realize it’s not made with real bread. Instead, make the Paleo Banana Bread ahead of time and use it to create a paleo breakfast masterpiece.

Maybe you want to go above and beyond a typical breakfast meal. If that’s the case, make Paleo Crêpes using coconut flour and coconut milk. The texture is perfect, and you have the freedom to make them fall into the category of either sweet or savory paleo breakfast recipes. If you are on the go for breakfast, try making Paleo Pumpkin Bars. That way, you can stay healthy and not worry about preparing a large breakfast.

If your taste buds are geared toward savory paleo breakfast recipes, just a few ingredients can satisfy your cravings. Paleo Baked Egg Muffins and Paleo Bacon Vegetable Mini Muffins can be made before a busy week starts. You’ll be happy to know bacon and eggs are never off limits with the paleo diet

The accompanying slideshow is provided by fellow The Daily Meal editorial staff member, Soni Satpathy.