6 Power Snacks for Every College Student

Make studying, writing, and partying through college a bit better with these power snacks
healthy energy balls


Healthy snacks go a long way when you are running to class or too lazy to make something.

Without a doubt, college goes by fast. You are always busy doing something, even if it’s just sleeping. Having healthy snacks handy that will keep your energy levels up to bring to class, the library, or have ready at home will allow to focus on the important things – like spending time with your friends, er, we mean studies, and not letting those four years slip away so quickly.

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When you are reaching for a snack, you’re either satisfying your hunger, looking for energy, or maybe you’re bored. Either way, you want a snack that will keep you full and satisfied so you are not reaching for something else 10 minutes later.

Apples and Almond Butter

Sweet cravings got you going crazy? Try something nutritious that can actually be your fuel before or after a workout. Pair almond butter or another nut butter with apples and you have a delicious snack or healthy dessert.

Chocolate Kale Smoothie

In college, your blender will be your best friend. You can easily sneak in your greens, while satisfying your chocolate craving with this chocolate kale smoothie. Pair frozen bananas, dairy-free milk, ice, kale, cacao nibs, cacao powder, and honey and you are ready to go.

Homemade Trail Mix

If you are looking for a five minute wonder that will last all week, gather nuts, oats, and even chocolate chips for a healthy trail mix. Using only a few simple ingredients, you can make your own trail mix and save money by not purchasing the store brand.

Hummus and Vegetable Dippers

If you are looking for a healthy replacement to your potato chips and French onion dip, try something that will satisfy your taste buds and keep your body happy. Hummus can be paired with carrots, celery, cucumbers, snap peas, or pita chips and that way you don’t have to give up your favorite crunch sensation.

No-Bake Energy Balls

If you are in the mood for cookies and have no oven, what’s a college student to do? Try making no-bake fig almond butter energy balls that are gluten-free and dairy-free.

Yogurt Parfait

If you are into making your meals ahead of time, this snack will be perfect for you. For a yogurt parfait, layer protein-packed Greek yogurt with whole-grain granola and fresh berries and you’ll have a snack that has enough nutrients to be considered a healthy meal.


The accompanying slideshow is provided by special contributor Will Budiaman.