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5 Things This Nutritionist Does Before Going to a New Year’s Eve Party

These tips will make you feel better before, during, and after the party

Are you ready to ring in the New Year? Once you make your party plans and decide what you are wearing, your next step should be toward feeling healthy, happy, and not hungover on the first day of 2016. What is the best way to prevent headache and fatigue the morning after the big bash? We spoke with certified nutritional consultant, trainer, and co-founder of Project Juice, Marra St. Clair, about a five-step routine to follow before heading to the party.

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Hydration Is Key
“Drink a lot of water,” she advised. “I know there will be Champagne in my future. I offset this with extra H20 throughout the day.”

Reach for the Vitamins
“I take vitamin B complex and digestive enzymes before going out to help my body assimilate alcohol more easily,” she said.

Dose of Fat
“Before heading out, I nosh on half of an avocado,” she said. “This keeps my hunger in check, so I am not tempted to overeat cheese on the cheese plate. I keep it to just a few of the best selections!”

Drink Water Before Bed
“Stock up on sparkling mineral water,” St. Clair suggests. “I make sure to have sparkling mineral water before bed. The extra electrolytes are essential to feeling good the next morning. A great thing to drink on New Year’s Day is the new Project Juice seasonal blend, Pomegranate Orange. Its young coconut water keeps [you] hydrated, while the pomegranate orange helps boost your energy in the morning.”

Start the New Year Off Right
“Set an intention for the year,” she said. “2016 is going to be my year of listening to my inner voice. I am going to aim to quiet the noise a bit and make sure I am steering my life in a direction that I am mindfully choosing.”

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