Tips From Nutritionists for a Healthy Thanksgiving Feast


28 Tips From Nutritionists for a Healthy Thanksgiving Feast

Enjoy your dinner without sabotaging your diet with these healthy tips in mind

Thanksgiving is a day of appreciation; a time when we get together with family and friends to celebrate the many aspects of our daily lives that we often take for granted.  

It’s also about food: lots and lots of food.

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The overflowing platters of roast turkey, marshmallow-topped sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts and/or green bean casserole, stuffing, and pumpkin pie that sit upon the Thanksgiving table are like physical manifestation of our blessings. Eating the Thanksgiving meal is, therefore, a form of gratitude.

Thanksgiving induces many nostalgic memories that may encourage us to go in bite after bite — which can be a real problem for our diet and our health. If you’ve been watching your weight, it only takes one extravagant holiday meal to throw you off course.

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That’s why we’ve assembled a list of 28 healthy Thanksgiving eating strategies from 19 nutritionists, dietitians, and doctors. Whether it involves ditching the boxed stuffing, eating breakfast before the big feast, or simply being more sociable, these tips will help you successfully navigate the holiday groaning board with your diet (and waistline) unscathed.