Hatfield's Los Angeles Restaurant Featured on MasterChef

The restaurant made an appearance on Gordon Ramsay's show

If you tuned into MasterChef last night you may have seen, besides the typical food-fueled drama and infamous Gordon Ramsay rants, an inside look at LA restaurant Hatfield’s. While perhaps not as well known across the country as it is in Southern California, Hatfield’s restaurant is a culinary force to be reckoned with. Started by husband and wife team, Karen and Quinn Hatfield, the first incarnation of the restaurant was opened on Beverly Boulevard, winning the couple a Michelin star and rave reviews before it moved to its current address on Melrose Avenue. On the sixth season of Gordon Ramsay's MasterChef, LA restaurant Hatfield's, a Michelin-starred dining venue, hosted the latest competition. Though not as nationally known as it should be, Hatfield's, which is run by the husband and wife duo, Karen and Quinn Hatfield, is an example of true culinary greatness.