Has Anyone Ever Won McDonald's Monopoly?

It wouldn’t be a contest if there were no winners!
McDonald's Monopoly

McDonald's Monopoly is played in 21 countries worldwide.

Every year, McDonald’s launches a worldwide sweepstakes based on the popular board game Monopoly, and it couldn’t be more fun to play. You get a game board, and with most McDonald’s purchases you receive “tokens” that can be pulled off and matched together with different properties in order to win cash and prizes. There are also “instant win” tokens that immediately award you McDonald’s food items. But has anyone actually won the major prizes? Not surprisingly, the answer is yes!

McDonald’s maintains a website that’s chock full of all the winners, including photos of those who have taken home the million-dollar jackpot over the years. They also list the first names and last initials of all the big winners dating back to 2003, including those who’ve won $10,000, cars, and the like. There are also some very cool facts, like “So many trips have been won, you could cover enough miles to reach the moon,” and “So many cars, you’d need a 5,600-square-foot garage.”

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So don’t be afraid to try your luck; you might just win!