Harry Styles: Best Man at Mum’s Humble Wedding

Low-key wedding for the mum of a not so low-key boy band member

Harry Styles dressed similar to the man of the hour, Robin Twist.

This weekend, boy band heartthrob, Harry Styles, suit and tied to escort his mother down the isle and speak on behalf as best man at her wedding, instead of his usual ritual of suit and tie-ing for thousands of screaming girls.

The One Direction golden boy wore a slim-fitted classic black and white suit, matched of course with his distinguishing curls in quite the relaxed quiff up. Harry’s quiff embodied the sentiment of his mother’s wedding, one fitting to the season, as Ms. Anne Cox kept the summery wedding classy—partially outside, low key, and private, only forty-two attendees present.

Anne Cox and Robin Twist were married at the reputable Pecks restaurant, served buffet style, in Cheshire, followed by a reception at a local pub—both dressed to fit the simple and personal vibe the couple deemed necessary.


The intimate setting highlighted by candles, ivory decorations, glittery table settings, and dozens of small pastries kept the mood light and playful on the warm English night, as seen in Mr. Styles' Vine of the family (bride and groom included), chomping down on sweet treats and champagne. If you’re looking for simple and intimate wedding inspiration, especially in these economic times, it looks like Harry Styles' mum knows how to do it! She clearly has got that ‘One Thing’—that having classy taste.