National Pecan Pie Day

It's National Pecan Pie Day, so we'd thought we'd take a little trip down memory lane and reflect on how the delicious treat came to be.

Well, unfortunately for the pastry, it's not that easy to explain. The history of pecan pie is somewhat unknown and widely debated over two theories of its existence. Many believe that the pecan pie originated in the French settlement now known as New Orleans, while others are under the impression that the Southern creators of corn syrup, pecan pie's most crucial ingredient, were the first to develop a recipe for the pie. Either way, because of pecan tree's roots in the southern part of the U.S., we can be certain that they're a Southern specialty (phew!), and while their existence dates back to the early 20th century, they didn't make their official footprint until the 1940s, when recipes for pecan pie were published in iconic cookbooks like Fannie Farmer by the late Marion Cunningham.

Regardless of its shambled past, pecan pie has long been an American specialty that has been the centerpiece of many a holiday table, feast, or celebration. To honor the national treat, here are a few variations of pecan pie recipes from The Daily Meal.

Pecan Pie Recipe

"To me, pecans are the sweetest and softest of nuts. There's something quite decadent and dessert-y about them; I shudder when I see them..."

- Sarah Billingsly and Rachel Wharton





Mexican Chocolate Pecan Pie Recipe

"My mother was obsessed with pecan pie so I decided to whip up a recipe using Mexican chocolate..."

- Marcella Valladolid






David Guas' Pecan Pie Recipe

"I've probably been eating pecan pie since I was in diapers. Nut allergies? Please. Southerners are weaned from the bottle with pecan pie, celebrate marriage with pecan pie, and say goodbye..."

- David Guas





(Photo courtesy of flickr/iluvgadgets)