Happy Hanukkah: For the Love of Latkes!

Try these 6 great latke recipes
Sweet Potato Latkes
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Sweet Potato Latkes

We hope that you'll have as much fun with these latke recipes as we have, in the spirit of the holiday. There are, of course, no-frills, straightforward latke recipes, as well as some interesting variations, including Wolfgang Puck's take on tradition with the extravagant addition of smoked sturgeon and osetra caviar, or chef Nikki Cascone's slightly healthier version with sweet potatoes. Whatever you decide to fry up, just remember to keep plenty of sour cream and applesauce on hand.

Click here to see The History of Hannukah Foods with Historian and Rabbi Gil Marks.


Perfect Potato Latkes

There are many different ways to make latkes, but after many attempts, this recipe seems to be the best...




Cheese Pancakes: The Original Latkes

Latkes originally derived from Italian ricotta pancakes and became part of the Hanukkah culinary tradition...




Sweet Potato Latkes with Lime Crème Fraîche  

Latkes usually aren't very healthy, but chef Nikki Cascone uses sweet potatoes to make them a little healthier...




Giti's Potato Latkes

This family recipe was given to me by my boyfriend's mother who received it from a book club friend who, in turn, got it from her friend's longtime family recipe...




Potato Pancakes with Smoked Sturgeon 

Wolfgang Puck keeps it classy with the addition of smoked sturgeon to a timeless tradition: potato pancakes ...




Gil Marks' Homemade Potato Latkes  

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I make my latkes usually on the first night, to set the mood, and fry them up for the tradition and love of them...