This Hands-Free Whopper Device Must Be a Joke

Burger King has created a device that allows you to constantly be eating a burger

Fast-food kitsch has reached a new low; appparently, Burger King has developed a device that allows you to eat a Whopper, hands-free, meaning you can chow down on a burger mid-manicure. That's right.

Apparently Burger King in Puerto Rico celebrated its 50th anniversary by giving out 50 of these "Hands-Free Whoppers" to those in their loyalty program. The promo video shows everyone from tattoo artists to masseuses, ballroom dancers, bikers, martial artists, secretaries, and basketball players going about their everyday life and errands while taking bites of Whoppers. We're glad they don't show surgeons.

Watch below as Burger King demonstrates how you can do almost anything while eating a Whopper sans hands. We'd like to point out that if you're actually playing basketball, dancing, or jumping up and down, the Whopper contents would probably fall out and get all over your face. We'll take our burgers sitting down, thanks.