Epic Sweets From Trick-or-Treats

Take that leftover candy and put it to good use

Turn your favorite Halloween candy into decadent dessert!

Young or old, costumed or not, we’re pretty sure you’ll be eating Halloween candy within the next few weeks, if you're not digging into your office candy bowl already. 

Try out these recipes with your favorite Halloween candy!

Everyone has a favorite Halloween candy — personally, I favor Peanut Chews. However, The Daily Meal staff has some different favorites. I tallied up the crew's votes and here’s what came out on top: 

1. Reese’s
2. Snickers
3. Butterfinger

Shocked? Surprised? Well, whatever you’re feeling, we’ve rounded up the best Halloween candy recipes from around town and they are all pretty stellar.

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So when your kids are tallying up their loot from their walks around the neighborhood, use these as a guide to stretch Halloween just a bit further!