Eataly’s Credit Card System Hacked, Customer Data Stolen

Hackers reportedly got into Eataly’s credit card system

Hackers stole credit card data from Eataly's customers.

Some unsavory characters might know a lot more than you would like about the extent of your Nutella habit, because this week hackers broke into Eataly’s credit card system and got their hands on information about the market’s customers.

According to the New York Post, Eataly announced the break-in on Thursday and warned customers that anyone who made a purchase at the Eataly Italian food market between January 16 and April 2 of this year could have had sensitive information stolen. Eataly did not specify how many customers were potentially affected by the hack, but the hackers reportedly accessed Eataly’s credit card accounts by installing malware on the company’s computer systems.

“Earning our customers’ trust is our highest priority,” Eataly said in a statement, “ and we deeply regret that this incident occurred.”


Anyone who made a credit card purchase at Eataly between those dates is advised to keep a careful eye on their financial data for any signs of suspicious activity.