Gwyneth Paltrow’s Secret Diet Cheats

The 'Iron Man 3' heroine, known for her particularly strict diet, splurges occasionally

Gwyneth Paltrow recently dished about her secret to aging gracefully, crediting heath and exercise as the main contributors to her success, according to the New York Post. The star, who labeled workout guru Tracy Anderson the "pint-sized miracle and the exercise genius of all time," commented, "I think diet and exercise play a huge part in aging well. I like the Tracy Anderson Method—it's really fun and a great way to burn calories!"

The actress, who is constantly on the run, shared how she sneaks working out into her busy schedule, stating, "If I'm traveling, I do the DVDs." Paltrow, also well-known for her intense low-carb and gluten-free diets, does allow herself the occasional cheat. "I love Starbucks — I'll have a cappuccino," she says. The starlet, who lives in London and became a vegetarian after dinning with Great Gatsby star Leonardo DiCaprio, spoke about her diet temptations and cheats. "My guilty snack in the U.K. is cheese, and in America, things on buns: a lobster roll and french fries, or a turkey burger with cheese."


When looking into Paltrow's food dos and don’ts, it may seem that her willpower is legendary. Paltrow has said, "I'm a very disciplined person so when I commit to something, I never waiver. I have crazy self-discipline," according to