Guy Fieri's Stolen Lamborghini Found in Teenager's Storage Unit

More than a year after the theft, the bright yellow Lamborghini was discovered in a storage unit in Point Richmond, Calif.

Guy Fieri, Whose Stolen Lamborghini Was Finally Found

It's been more than a year since the infamous theft of Guy Fieri's bright yellow Lamborghini, but Bay City News Service reports that police have finally found the stolen car.

Back in March 2011, the car was stolen from a car dealership when a thief rappelled down the roof of the building, entered through a window, and drove away with the $200,000 car.

Marin County investigators stumbled across the car while searching a storage unit belonging to a 17-year-old boy. The teenager was reportedly arrested Saturday under suspicion of shooting into an occupied car.

It was not reported whether the 17-year-old is suspected for the car theft.

Update: The teenager has been charged with the theft of Fieri's car, along with two counts of attempted murder.