Guy Creates Vodka Lollipops for Sneaky Saturday Nights

Staff Writer
He also claims that all the alcohol does not cook off, which is good news
Vodka Lollipops
YouTube/J and H Productions

Boozy desserts are now giving way to boozy candy, with J and H Productions creating a recipe for vodka lollipops, making your college dreams come true.

Not surprisingly, this is a guy who also created whiskey gum, instead of wine gum. His recipes seem to be fairly basic (no mixed drinks in these candies), but we're fairly certain these recipes can be adapted. Today: "A sugary lollipop with f*cking vodka in it."

Watch below as he mixes vodka, powdered glucose, and sugar, boils them into a syrup, and lays them out into poorly shaped lollipops. And while these are really just sugar-vodka syrups, we really want to mix in some lime zest and ginger ale, if only to make a lollipop Moscow Mule. Just think of the possibilities.

Commenters in the meantime have pointed out that the alcohol will burn off, but J and H Productions claims that not all of the alcohol will burn out. We propose just making these and testing them out on a particularly open Saturday night.

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