Guide to Halloween Candy Trading

Children under the age of 5, apparently, are under protection

In preparation for Wednesday's night of trick-or-treating (best wishes to all along the East Coast hunkering down for Sandy), BuzzFeed has given us this helpful guide to winning Halloween with the best candy bag possible.

The rules: Children less than 5 years old are protected against trading, as they're gullible and prone to crying. Children 5 to 7 years old are given a 30-second grace period, because they're just starting to learn. Older, retired folk also get the 30-second grace period, just because.

Then, divide your candy (and fellow traders' affinities) into chocolates, fillings/softs, and fruit chews and sours. Use your Smarties, and trick your opponents into trading up their full-sized Snickers, Reese's cups, and other favorites for your least-favorite candies. Items that win? Charleston Chews, three or more Root Beer Dum Dum pops, and Twix bars. Items that lose: Smarties, raisins, and apples. Watch below for the full guide, including helpful tips for reading your opponent's future based on their favorite candies.

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