A Guide on Glitter

Nothing shimmers and shines like a great party and one that's glitter infused is golden.

All that glitters is gold, right?

Throughout the year—colors are assigned their obligatory holiday.

Red and green for Christmas, blue and white for Hannukah, pastels for Easter, black and orange for Halloween, etc.—what’s are the colors for New Year’s Eve? Gold, silver with an added extra bonus of glitter.

Paint your party with silver and gold!

Sure, glitter can tend to get ostentatious for some people and that’s fine; we understand. But for those who appreciate a little sparkle in their life, we’re here to show how you can create a bash built on glitz and glamour.


So how are we taking one of 2013’s biggest event trends and transforming it to create the ultimate New Year’s Eve bash? It’s all in the details. With glitter gracing everything from table linens to china to serve ware and invitations, the sky is the limit.