A Wintertime Guide to Entertaining

It’s hot, it’s cold, and technically it’s still winter! Cook up these seasonal favorites when hosting at home

With the weather being a bit bipolar this season, it's no surprise that Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this Groundhog's Day. With the East Coast slacking in the snow department and the West getting their fair share, these extra weeks will help us prepare for a nearing Spring. Before we officially lose the tights and trade our boots for sandals, though, let’s enjoy what’s left of winter with these cozy menu ideas.

Creamy risottos, braised meats, one-pot stew dinners, creative casseroles —these textbook cold-weather items are perfect for mix-and-match menus and are easy to make.

Here’s a foolproof guide to getting what you want out of winter entertaining:

Modern-Day Casseroles

For busy weeknights, plan wisely — and ahead. Make these one-dish wonders a main, a side, a veggie, or the best of all, dessert, for those nights when there just isn't the time.


For Easy Entertaining, Roast a Chicken

When in doubt, roast! A perfect crowd-pleaser, whether it is for family on a weeknight or a big group on a Saturday evening, this dish is a winner. What’s another great thing about it? Leftovers!


Winter Stews

One-pot, easy to bring for lunch the next day, and super hearty, a stew is a winter classic. Warm your body with rosemary lentil, chicken and eggplant, or a no-fail beef stew. A good tip is to make a big batch and freeze a portion for a quick weeknight meal!

Wintertime Braised Meals

Cooking in the winter for many of us means beefier dishes, in all aspects of the word. When braising, options are not only never-ending, but pretty drool-worthy, too. Duck legs, short ribs, pork chops, lamb shanks — do we have your attention? Thought so.

5 Risottos Fit for Entertaining

A true culinary chameleon, arborio rice can take on so many different flavors, which gives risotto lovers an endless amount of options. New to this crew? Start with these five recipes that will become easy-to-make essentials when entertaining.

9 Menus for Cold-Weather Entertaining

With nine menus to go around, there's bound to be something for everyone. Cook each menu one by one, mix and match, or just simply choose your favorite and stick to it. Any which way isn’t a bad choice — especially with options like these.