5 Grills You May Not Know About

One of the more notorious names in grilling, Weber made itself famous almost 60 years ago for its round and easy-to-use backyard grill that has become a staple in many households. Even though it has transformed itself beyond the original charcoal kettle grill into fancy gas grills, smokers, and more, it is best known as being a go-to basic grill. So, we decided to mix things up and look for some alternative grills that will deliver the same quality but add a splash of fun and excitement to your backyard. 


Egg-shaped, easy to tuck in a corner, and the bright green color basically lets it blend in with nature, so you'll hardly notice it's there — mmm, OK, maybe not so much. However, this funky grill is quite flexible and allows for almost any type of grilling: High-temperature (750 degrees)  heat or temperatures around 200 degrees for cooking ribs low and slow. But the biggest bonus? It's a smoker, grill, and oven all in one. 


The Hasty Bake

Looking for a sleek, built-in grill but want the flavor that comes from charcoal? Enter the Hasty-Bake. Not only can it be used for conventional and slow cooking, this grill lasts. Countless owners laud the durability and quality of it. As one said, "It's very rare in these parts. If locals knew how a Hasty Bake cooks, and how much fun it is to use, this would not long be the case." 


La Caja China

If it's been featured on Bobby's Flay's Throwdown, you've got to think there's something to it. These large wooden boxes are famous for being what grilling is all about: friends, drinks, and slow-cooking meat. Use the original roaster (pictured left) to cook whole chickens, turkeys, eight to ten pork ribs, and eight to ten pork shoulders. This grill also comes with a syringe, two stainless steel grills, a drip pan, and so much more. 


The Grillery

Cook like chefs in professional kitchens with this unique grill. One of the cooler features out there, this grill has an aluminum crankwheel that allows you to adjust the height of the grill depending on the flames. Instead of rushing the food over to a cool spot, simply raise the cooking surface to save your food. Plus, it just looks like fun. 



Hibachi by Lodge

This hibachi-style grill is easily transportable and perfect for summer grilling on the move. Though it doesn't have a crankwheel, there are two adjustable grill heights, plus pre-seasoned grates, and a draft door to regulate heat.