Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Home Cook

8 kitchen gadgets that will delight home cooks
David P. Smith/Shutterstock


Imagine the delight on your kitchen-gadget-obsessed friend’s or family member’s face when she digs into her holiday stocking this season to find the perfect kitchen gift awaiting her — that spatula that can be used in five different ways, the vegetable peeler that’s easy to hold and takes up hardly any room in the already overstuffed kitchen drawer, or the cool-looking wine cork that not only looks awesome but also keeps white wine at the perfect temperature.

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Shopping for a home cook can seem daunting with all the products and gizmos available these days. So to help you figure out which items would be absolutely appreciated by your own cook-loving friends and family, we tapped our own kitchen-obsessed friends and asked: What kitchen gadget would you most want to find waiting for you in your stocking this holiday season?

It seems double-duty-pulling, time-saving, compact products are the order of the (holi)day. We’re absolutely green with envy over some of the items they shared — and your friends probably will be, too.


Now excuse us while we go make some changes to our own Christmas stocking list.