Great Grilling Aid: Aluminum Foil

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There’s a lot more to aluminum foil than you think, and here are 10 ways to use it for grilling

Aluminum foil: it's not just for leftovers. It can be quite the sidekick with your grilling, too.

With so much action going on this summer — what with all your grilling parties and barbecue menus in the works — it’s important not to get bogged down in the heat of it all, so we’re here to help you be as efficient as you can be.

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Efficiency in the kitchen is a mysterious thing, and it can hide in the most unexpected and peculiar places. Like, for example, your kitchen drawer. You know that drawer, the third one down to the left of the sink where you keep your resealable bags, Saran wrap, and parchment paper? There’s a friend hiding in that drawer, a friend that you may often overlook, but one that can make your life a lot easier this summer at the barbecue. Its name is aluminum foil.

That’s right — this familiar kitchen supply is a wonder when it comes to grilling in more ways than you might think. This isn’t a lecture on how easy it is to wrap up leftovers with the stuff, or how it makes it easy and mess-free to grill your vegetables on the grill (although it really does). No, this is a list of 10 new and unique ways that aluminum foil can help with your grilling, from obvious uses to not-so-obvious ones.

For some professional input, we worked with Reynolds Kitchens on our research for ways to use aluminum foil while grilling. A trusted household brand, Reynolds has a team of kitchen experts who are constantly testing new products and thinking of new ways to make your life easier in the kitchen. With the grill as our number one target, we brainstormed ways to make your barbecue as efficient as possible, therefore making you a successful and happy cook this summer.

Sure, you may know that aluminum foil serves as a mess-free and easy vessel for grilling some foods, but we’ll give you even more of a reason to use it besides just the cleanup. Can’t be told enough that you need to start smoking your meats? We’ll show you how aluminum foil can help you do it without buying a smoker, and you’ll be shocked by just how easy it is.

Make your life easier this summer and go out and buy a roll of aluminum foil. You’ll be amazed at just how efficient you can be. 

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